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Double shower in bay window. The bench is cantilevered out over the exterior wall below. Design, color scheme, lighting, and installation by Addhouse.

Photos by Monkeyboy Productions

I built a trough around the perimeter of the vanity area which served as a visual break between the space at eye level, and the 16 foot high vaulted ceiling. It also served as a means to mount accent lighting in the spaces between the mirrors, as well as strip lighting above to throw a uniform glow up into the high ceiling. Halogen task lighting mounted on cables.

A vaulted ceiling enhanced by the diagonal walls at the flanks, and by the small lower roof over the cantilevered bay window that defines the shower.

Design, color scheme, lighting, and installation by Addhouse.
Photo by Monkeyboy Productions

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Powder Springs Master Bath from Outside
Powder Springs Master Bath
Shower with bench
Shower close up
Shower bench
Powder Springs Master Bath wide angle
Master Bath Vanity2
Master Bath Vanity3
Master Bath Vaulted Ceiling
Powder Springs Master Bath Chandelier
Master Bath Vanity

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